Monday, December 18, 2006

week 17

remember the 2nd trimester energy that was supposed to come? i think i have experienced it. although i enjoyed sleeping in late saturday, my days and evenings are filled with activity and i barely blink an eye. this weekend was filled with christmas preparations. lots of walking, but also making and eating cookies. maybe the pregnant glow will be next week. stay tuned for a new picture when the glow appears (maybe i can photoshop one in).

baby chaud is now the size of a large onion. i am amazed how many food comparisons baby magazines make. one week it was an avocado, another week a lemon. the amount of food parallels and pregnancy is enormous.

last night i ate a hot fudge sundae. i was driven to buy all the ingredients and meijers. patrick looked at me like i was a crazy, cause that is for sure not something i would normally give in to. we both enjoyed them, however!

baby chaud has a strong heartbeat. it measured in at 154 today and is right on track. next week, i will post the second photo from the ultrasound. i am looking forward to that as well as some flutters.

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Anonymous said...

These baby up dates are excellent in that we are enjoy you sharing your baby news, progress and personal emotions. I couldn't stop chuckling to myself, how you planned to 'photoshop' alter your next progress photo up date, with the "pregnant lady glow" appearance ! What a creative artist you are !! warm regards, Dad Robichaud