Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Que onda bebe!

What a giant brain. Baby Chaud moved HIS arms a lot during the perinatal ultrasound. I was tempted (ie, eager) to upload the sex determining photo of my genetic legacy, but cooler, classier heads have prevailed. Instead enjoy this skelelicious cross section of our new son's face.

We had intended to celebrate our gender-specific baby with the purchase of a gender-specific outfit, but alas, alack, the post-Christmas sales leave much to be desired in the way of Fall and post-Winter gear, not exactly things a Gemini baby being born in late May will ever need.

We've got about a dozen photos of varying amusement. The entire experience was rather slick with the setup U-M has, a large room that is one part examination chamber and one part cinematic theater.

Enjoy your holiday time! The year of provenance will be upon us soon!


Anonymous said...

He is just beautiful!
Grandma Robichaud

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for "boy" gear, I'm sure there's plenty of Detroit Lion merchandise at rock-bottom prices. Not that you'd want to humiliate him or anything.

-Cousin Bob (Well, first cousin once removed to Baby Robichaud)