Thursday, November 30, 2006

Development Report, Week 14

I'm going to attempt to inject some science* into the baby discussion. Note I do not do this out of a desire to educate or some pompous need to showcase my knowledge, rather it is a need wrought of metaphysical competence. I am utterly fascinated by the entire reproductive process and I want to share that fascination with you.

At this point, Baby Chaud is completely formed, including details such as fingernails and all the teeth it will ever have, both deciduous and permanent. As a biologist, I would no longer refer to Baby Chaud as an embryo, but rather an official foetus, which I'm sure will delight my brother. Muscles and bones have rudiment function, to the point the baby will start testing out these new voluntary organs. The big push from here to the end of the second trimester is going to be hulking up and building critical mass. I liken it to one of those toys kids put in a dish of water where the seaman or octopus grows in all proportions at the same time, a reverse shrinky-dink, if you will.

I'm waiting for that alleged return of energy to Nicole that I've been promised would happen about now, not only for my sake but for hers. We only get a handful of hours most days to be together, so it is important to maximize that time now.

As for myself, I'm finding the internal drive I have when I'm at my best seems to have been left in the on position for the last five weeks. It seems my plans to reach various goals are now self-assembling when I least expect it, and I speculate this has to do with my imminent status of becoming a father. In all honesty, I have no anxiety, just a precision focus on checkpoints and goals Nicole and I have discussed.

*Science inejctions may cause itching, dry mouth, irritaintment towards Lish or desire to call him a nerd. Please consult your doctor before taking Science, results may vary, many will enter few will win.

Also, a quick update with respect to the blog. We've enabled anonymous comments both to encourage those of you uninterested in registering as well as to those who might want to post but not have it be so publicly known. Hope this helps. As always, any suggestions to improve the quality of the blog are welcomed.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

second trimester

this week marks the beginning of my second trimester. i am less tired today, or maybe i am just hoping that what doctors and books say is true about this trimester. i still have no cravings (at least not abnormal ones), however i have an aversion to coffee. in the coming weeks, baby chaud will begin to make his/her presence known. i expect my belly to get bigger and to feel some fluttering. i'll keep you posted. patrick and i are beginning to think about the baby's room and what we need to do and save in the next 6 months. a lot of my time is spent thinking in the short term while patrick is busy thinking about all that he can teach him/her.

A baby of style: Smart and Pretty

Anyone who bothers to let me blather at length eventually is exposed to my strong belief in good aesthetics and design, originally fomented by my brilliant wife's creative talents. As such, I have been trawling the web for hip babywear I will hopefully solicit for the child.

Glarkware courtesy of TWoP

I've always wanted to own that 'Food in, Poo out' shirt, but I rarely have a situation with work or family where I feel I could lose that much dignity. Thankfully, I can mercilessly shower such wear on my unborn. Runnerups: Dingo Snack, Death Wears a Bowtie.

PirateMod wear

Most of the designs are a bit hokey, but my affectations for the cavaliers of the sea keep a few of these on the list.

Blitzkrieg Baby

Nicole is a bigger Ramones fan compared to myself, but hey.

Robot Fantasy Baby

A mandatory item irrespective of sex, Baby Chaud will be born a scant 30-some days before the debute of the new Transformers film, which I will proclaim as an omen of excellence.

Stock Market Baby

There's a wealth of neat capitalistic wear out there in CafePress land, just like a free market would offer! There's another design I like with a Revolucion-esque graffiti slogo with Jim Cramer's head, but that might be a bit over the top. Then again, Nicole has been into South American street art lately...

Note, I'm not fishing for any premature purchases here, but I will bring them up again when the baby shower list gets codified.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wanted: Baby Names

In a moment of whimsy, Nicole is interested in what names you'd like for the ersatz 'Baby Chaud/Paperclip/Parasite'. We've been conducting our own research but are more than curious as to what names are out there.

So get with the commenting, chop chop!

Baby Paperclip

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First ultrasound image at ten weeks gestation. Here it was determined baby was a solo clutch, much to mother's relief.