Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wanted: Baby Names

In a moment of whimsy, Nicole is interested in what names you'd like for the ersatz 'Baby Chaud/Paperclip/Parasite'. We've been conducting our own research but are more than curious as to what names are out there.

So get with the commenting, chop chop!


Scott said...

You should name them Alfonso. So we can nickname them "the Fonz"

I've also always been partial to "Optimus".


lori said...

What about FOXY??? haha. I thought that was already picked?!?! just kidding!!

Ok.. For a girl I think that Alexis (Alex or Lexi) would be a cute name.

And for a boy.. um.. maybe... Duncan Robichaud would be nice. I think it sounds like a strong name!

Happy Thinking!

Joe said...
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Chikostribe said...

Baby names...hmmm..Scott had a good one with "Alfonso". Being a Special Education major, I'm partial to "Ed" so you could call him "Special Ed". Yeah, that would be in keeping with the late, great Grandpa Callahan, too.

Other names, which recollect images from childhood include: Tractor, Pablo P'Scooter, Charlie America (formerly Charlie America, now Charlie Russia), Vladimir, Lee (as in Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken), Sussex (no, don't name it that - people would shorten it to "Sucks" or "Sex")

Boys names:

Rambo D Robichaud (has a nice rhythm to it. The D doesn't stand for anything)

Benedict XVI Robichaud...Sorry - that's for Scott's kid.

Mister Robichaud. The world's youngest man.

Girls names:

Sault Robichaud (pronounced "Sue")

Liesel Robichaud (hey - my daughter is named [sort of] for a Von Trapp kid, so can yours!)

Gretel says "How about Grace or Marcy or Gretel? Those would be good names. How about Mom or Dad? Those are good names" (Grace and Marcy are her twin cousins)

Chikostribe said...

Aileen says: Not Emily, Jacob - no "popular" names.

nicole said...

lisa writes: liam, roan, stella, helena

Peg Dae said...

It is better that the child's name contain a different number of syllables than the last name (not three). It is just a general rule that makes names sound better.

Anonymous said...

The selection of your baby's name is an intriguing experience. When you cosider names, your mind envisions the people, current or past who had these names. For example what people come to mind when you think of Abraham, Clark, Rose or Betty ? You want your baby to be unique with it's own identy and personality. However, as this new person develops, those thoughts of the other person's characteristics will quickly be gone. As a result, I say be fearless in your selection of names but be mindful that this new person will have to manage those first time interactions with strangers. Also be aware of the first to last name sounds, annoying rhyming possibilities, and certainly no "boy named Sue" to build pseudo character. Enjoy the parent ride !! love, Dad Robichaud

janelle said...

Scarlett and Bronson??

janelle said...

Casper, Finola or Ella?

janelle said...


Anonymous said...

Einstein----aren't all Robichaud's Genuis's---specially the Gemini ones.
Aunt Jan