Monday, March 22, 2010

parenting is hard work

it was about a month ago that nothing i did could get jack to do what i wanted. i was on the edge and i needed to be reasoned with. patrick was a big help like always. he gave me time to be alone and collect myself. since then, i promised myself that i needed to change my behavior if i wanted jack's behavior to improve.

i can't argue that being a working mom is harder than being a stay at home mom or vice versa. being a mom is the most challenging work either way. although there are times that i give into the short term fixes, today i am reenergized to put in long hours to be the best mom i can. at work we talk about taking as much time with each customer interaction and not simply passing them on as quickly as possible. at home, i try to do the same thing with jack (yes, harder to do sometimes). for example, when jack has something to say, i let him know that it is important to me to understand him and let him know that i care about what he's talking about. i've learned to give him choices, ones that i can live with either of his decisions. i am in the middle of reading 4 parenting books. two of them are pretty extreme in views, which i think is great. for example, one book believes in time outs and one does not.

after reading a bit, i am very interested in how to apply the techniques. for the last month or so, jack has been wanting me to do EVERYTHING, not daddy. although patrick doesn't seem to be hurt by his words and actions, he does want me to have a break. so the challenge now is to get jack to make choices that involve help from daddy and not mommy.

parenting is not intuitive and it's okay to read as much as you can. and it's ok to take a break, sometimes it is mandatory.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

26 weeks

This week our baby girl's ears are more developed and highly sensitive. i have noticed a lot more movement probably because she can hear jack's laughter and the dogs barks and cried. whenever i feel the baby, she stops moving as soon as jack or patrick try to feel her. jack's going to think it's pretty cool.

she's continuing to put on baby fat and now probably weighs about a pound and two-thirds and "measures the size of (an English hothouse cucumber) from head to heel." love the food reference.