Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Primordial Education

Jack had his first visit to U-M's Exhibit Museum of Natural History, the first of many, many, many visits as I expose him to the great fossils of ancient megafauna, the rich diversity of Michigan wildlife, the dynamic histories of the many peoples who have lived in our state and of course, the origins of life and evolution.

The museum has always had an excellent collection of display cabinets and uses as many actual fossils as possible. Additionally, this museum has opted not to cut down on the informational content in their displays as many museums have done in recent years to streamline displays and theoretically boost attendance, that is, to make a musuem less museum and more amusement park, but I digress.

I fully envision Jack's 5th birthday celebration to be in this institution, complete with an excursion into the research lab. Everyone remember to bring their lab coats.

We have a little brain to shape, afterall.