Monday, December 11, 2006

Development Report, Week 16

Fingernails, fingernails, fingernails. There should be some on Baby Chaud this week. Protein synthesis of this sort (keratin) requires cellular efforts of only the most advanced cells, so all is well. Mom had aspargus last night, which is a vegetable rich in folic acid, a key component of hematopoeisis or red blood cell formation.

Yesterday we took the dogs to see Santa. I doubt we'll attempt to drag Baby Chaud and two dogs to see a jolly retired man next year. Indeed, the entire concept of Santa seems wasted on anyone under the age of 2. I vacillate on how I might introduce the concept of Santa to my child. Surely, I have no problems with lying to children; some concepts are just too complicated to explain to underdevelopmed minds. Rather it seems like a tool ripe for harvesting for obedience, which once again, anyone under 2 lacks the ability to be swayed by. Still, there's probably going to be a good two years between 2 and 4 where the child will be unable to grasp what a lie is and totally be infatuated with the idea of a big fat man with a bag breaking into our house to deliver toys he's been slavishly working on all year with his platoon of non-unionized, tight-wearing elves. That must be a good parenting tool!

And oh yeah, chances are I'm going to be a Father right in time for Father's Day. How fortuitous!

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Anonymous said...

Christmas will be so much fun with baby! I hope that you have fond memories of your childhood at Christmastime. I remember your fascination with the Christmas Tree in 1977. You loved to take the roping on and off where you could reach it. And you loved the lights.
Pat's Mom