Sunday, December 3, 2006

things a baby needs

so here is something for all you experienced moms & dads. on the day your baby came home from the hospital, what 2 things could you not live without? and what 2 things were a big waste of space? we only have 6 months to prepare so please help!


Peg Dae said...

It is good to have a cozy bed ready to put baby in as you come home. Have diapers/wipes handy. If you are bottle feeding, have a good supply of formula ready. If baby is like Patrick, he/she will be hungry! Also, if you are bottle-feeding, a nice glass of wine is the second thing to have when you get home! (just kidding)

Having some pre-made dinners in the freezer helps give you more time for baby and yourself.

I found a little portable cradle or pram to keep near your bed (or downstairs) for the first week or two makes it handy to care for baby.

Complicated baby toys that are only good for a few months seem unnecessary. I found that the simpler the toy, the more baby will play with it.

But most of all, when you come home, relax and get to know your newest addition. It is a big change for both Mom and Dad. You have just had a major addition!

janelle said...

A "boppy" is wonderful! Great for mom and baby. The "donut tube" the hospital gives you doesn't last. If you have stitches, as I did, this will assist with sitting afterwards. Then you can you it for nursing your baby.

Aunt Kelley said...

Aunt Kelley said
Diapers, wipes are nesseray, Pacifer a must, Nursing pads I had when I was in the hospital with Gretel and was happy I didn't leak.
A diaper changing table is not very useful we never even got one. Keep in mind that you may not want to run up and down the stairs to get things from the nursey so you may want a second bouncey seat or whatever for upstairs.
This is some advice from Aileen