Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Genius Baby

We can only boldly assume Baby Chaud will be one of the most brilliant brains ever to come into existence, given the totality of trenchant thoughts its parents have created. Still, there's always room for pre-birth improvement:

Dig this article on making a genius brain in utero. We only have one Classical music CD, so its nice to see that won't make much of a difference. Otherwise, Mom is a dynamo when it comes to regular and hardcore exercise. My heavy push for oily fish has been all but dismissed, but it appears that won't factor too much. My Mom only ate like, a bite of liver and I still have the juiciest Chess-club brain as if she went on some three month liver bender.

I have a virtual tower of books selected to read to Baby Chaud, ranging from classic fables in literature to a wealth of science books focused on dinosaurs and mathematics. It is still unclear how I will execute such sessions but I intend to use the coming months to figure out an optimal manner where I'm not boring the kid or myself. This of course, must be balanced with a healthy dose of professional wrestling and Pistons basketball.

"All children are born geniuses,
and we spend the first six years of their lives
degeniusing them."
- R. Buckminster Fuller

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