Saturday, December 2, 2006

naive nicole

it seems that for the last few weekends, i have been going to various stores and adding one new item to my maternity wardrobe. people are always saying to buy simply and buy stuff you can wear throughout your pregnancy. these opinions, i find difficult to agree with.

first, buy simply. i am a girl and i like clothes. that doesn't change when your body does. the problem with buying a lot of new stuff is that you won't be wearing these items next year. the problem with not buying new clothes is that you're gonna start to look silly with belly shirts or your husband's clothes are going to come up missing. making yourself look beautiful on the outside is very important at any point in life, but for me, it is crucial during this time when my body will be changing every week.

that leads me to the second opinion of buying clothes you can wear throughout your pregnancy. i already bought a pair or pants and many shirts that might look great when my belly grows bigger, but right now the pants fall off and the shirts look poofie. i also have shirts and jeans right now that feel great, but i know that i might not feel the same in them come february. so my opinion is that you should buy what you like now and have some backup options for when your wake up and your jeans don't fit and you need to get to work.

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Peg Dae said...

I like your plan about clothes. If new clothes make you happy, then do it. It is important to feel good about yourself as you go through all the changes, etc.