Wednesday, June 1, 2011

babble & speech

jack is a great brother. he keeps claudia entertained and also is encouraging her to use her voice. often at dinner jack talks with her (loudly) and she reacts. lately, he's been getting her to say da da. she can say ma ma too. and today i think she said "all done" after she ate a cheese stick. exciting stuff!

claudia is also able to stand alone for a wee bit and has now taken 2 steps on her own. she loves the attention it brings her.


Anonymous said...

I think she said "ball" today, too!


Anonymous said...

"Standing Joke Episode" Recently on a summer day, we had a scatter shower down pour of rain, we were inside with Jack & Claudia. All three of us were watching the rain fall in the back yard. I spotted a small boy all by himself riding his tricycle on the park's path. He was 1000 feet from the nearest cover. He was riding as fast as could to get out of the rain but even though he was peddling furiously, he wasn't going very fast. I pointed it out both it to both Jack and Claudia (she could just look over the window sill). We all laughed. Jack made a point to tell his Mom. Now when we see each other, we bring it up by mimicking the boy's furious peddling motion and we start to laugh again. This is our first "standing joke", what a great memory !, love, grandpa robichaud