Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1 year

claudia is walking! she can do about 15 feet by herself but mostly likes me to walk with her. she gets very excited when jack is running around the house–trying to run while holding my hand. very soon, she will be running after him all by herself. these days claudia's favorite fruit is blueberries with strawberries coming in second. she utilizes her 2 bottom teeth and her new top tooth very well. she is a determined little girl who can be feisty and loving. she laughs and smiles a lot!

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Anonymous said...

"Colors & Shapes" episode; Claudia and I were playing with a toy garage. It has color coordinated vehicles (fire engine, ambulance & police car) and related figures. The figure have a "key" structure in their based to 'activate' the cars. This feature is both color & shape coordinated. I would remove the figure and Claudia joined in the 'game' to replace the figures. She quickly associated the 2 items. We played for about 15 minutes. Both of us enjoyed the game even though it wasn't the original intent of the toy, looking forward to more games in the future,love, grandpa robichaud