Saturday, May 14, 2011

4 years

jack is a four year old boy. tonight he will sleep in his big boy bed! it's getting harder to remember a time without my sunshine. he has been wonderful to watch this past year. he is so smart and passionate and creative. a great big brother. i love you jack!

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Anonymous said...

"Baseball Episode" Jack has taken an interest in hitting a plastic ball with a "squeaky, green, rubber” bat in the house. This can have negative consequences. I convinced him that we should play this outside. We went outside where he was the batter and I was the pitcher. I was say “batter up” and he would stand “face on” to my pitching clutching the bat in front of his face with a teeth clinched grimaced face. He must have watched his daddy play softball. In addition his foot stance was so wide he would loose his balance and fall down.

In order to avoid pitching the small beach ball at his face, I instructed him to stand side-ways to me with his feet closer together. His hand-eye coordination is good, he connects with a number of the pitches (it's funny the bat squeaks !). This last Friday, Grandma took Claudia outside to watch where she did sit still on Grandma’s lap, you know she always likes to be going. At times she would raise her arms as if she was cheering for Jack, great family fun. When Jack hit the he would run to a different place on the lawn like he was running bases.

We are looking forward to more baseball fun, love, grandpa robichaud