Saturday, March 29, 2008

JackPack in Grand Rapids

We took a vacation day to head out to Grand Rapids for some exotic food, local famous architecture and thousands of BUTTERFLIES.

We had lunch at the San Chez Bistro, a tapas restaurant with a ridiculously exotic menu. I haven't seen baby garlic squid for sale since a rather unpleasant experience at a local Chinese place. Jack got his first taste of plantains, maduros, minty cucumber and corn salsa.

Next we ventured into one of Grand Rapids' more venerable neighborhoods to see the local Frank Lloyd Wright creation, the Meyer May House. Unfortunately, they only offer tours three days a week, so it was a short trip, and not worth extracting Jack from the car to stand on the sidewalk. It's on our list for a return trip.

Finally, we spent a wonderful time at the Meijer Sculpture Gardens, who are currently boasting the world's largest traveling butterfly collection in their big atrium. There were thousands of insects in what made for a pretty amazing experience. Meijer Gardens is a stark contrast to your local branch, this place was full of people working, nay, volunteering, that seemed happy to be there! We also got to enjoy their esoteric Carnivorous Plant Room, their cacti collection and a nice collection of modern African tribal art. We ventured out into the giant sculpture park a bit, but there was plenty left to warrant a second visit.

Jack had a really great day. Visit Nicole's Flickr for more images!

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