Thursday, March 13, 2008

10 months

i guess you can say we've been pretty busy. my last post was in february! jack had his first ear infection at the same time he was cutting his second tooth. these days, we are keeping a close eye on our little guy. he can make his way across the room just by doing the "worm"–rosey doesn't seem too worried. (so far, jack has been very gentle.)

jack has been enjoying a variety of foods. some of his favorites are sliced mango, hummus & baby veggie pasta. he is really starting to show his independence with eating. last weekend we went out to breakfast with grammy and pa and jack enjoyed his first pancake. his coordination is amazing. this age is very fun. seeing jack experience new things is a blast. jack is about 19 pounds now and almost 29".

jack has the most infectious laugh. that sound is the most magical sound. the only thing that makes it better is when gracie laughs with jack!

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