Wednesday, April 16, 2008

on the move

jack is crawling all over the house. it amazes me that when he finds things on the floor like dog hair, he likes to hand it to me. last night, jack was able to pull himself up to the end table. i am so proud of him. he also recently began to play independently. he has a series of little cars that he moves around the ground and makes car noises that patrick taught him.

jack loves his jog stroller. i haven't yet jogged with it, but it is a nice stroller for walking too, this weekend i am going to try to jog a mile with him.

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Anonymous said...

I also found Jack quite charming with his giving you 'pretend gifts' as he crawled around our floor. When he gave them to me I would say 'thank you' and he would smile. This continued for sometime and was very entertaining for both us, warm wishes and love, grandpa robichaud