Saturday, December 1, 2007

snow is coming

jack and gracie had their photos taken today. it went pretty well, but it is difficult to choose just one pose. however, i really didn't want to leave there $200 poorer either. gracie really loves jack and wanted to show him the christmas lights at the mall and santa. this will be a great holiday this year.


Anonymous said...

They are really great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Jack's development is wonderful !About 3 weeks ago, he would stick out his tongue and touch his top lip. Within the last 2 weeks, he has started to babble. During this time Patrick (nice going Pat,huh!) taught him to do the raspberries sound with his lips.Last week, I did the raspberries to him. It was great to see his conscious thought process to try to remember how to form his lips by looking straight ahead but not seeing anything, just inward thought. He succeeded and very loveable !!, love grandpa robichaud