Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Break Gaps


Bringing home the nog on Christmas Eve.


Winter Break shenanigans.

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Anonymous said...

Revisiting old experiences; when Jack is at our house, I like to take him on a tour to see what he remembers. We "blow" the lights for my display cabinet and we blow on the 'Christmas' village when it was set up. As we approcahed the piano within about 6 feet, he starts kicking his legs and swinging his arms, like this propells him to the bench faster. He sits on my lap and he hits the keys with both hands. Grandma had taught him to hit the bass notes with both hands, then waits until we hit just one high note kiy with a finger. He understands the taking of turns so "beautiful music" can be made together. A very fun experience for both of us, love grandpa Robichaud