Tuesday, March 27, 2007

busy march

we are making progress with baby chaud's bedroom. the walls have been painted, there's a rug & curtains. the crib is almost ready and we have picked out a nice maple armoire that we will have stained to match the crib. i am also making art for the walls, which has been so much fun for me.

last weekend we had the first of our baby showers. everyone has been so gracious to patrick and i. we can't thank them enough (mom, peggy, janelle, aunt kelley, lisa & julie).

this week marks the 31st week. my body feels tired, something i am not accustomed to since my first trimester was relatively unnoted. baby chaud is growing fast. he takes up more space making it hard to breathe and eat. with the unusually warm days so far, i am very happy we are expecting a may/june arrival.

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Anonymous said...

Where is Rosie?