Thursday, March 15, 2007

baby kicks

a couple pregnant friends of mine say they can tell what baby body part is moving in their tummies. i have no clue. baby chaud seems to always be tickling me in my lower tummy but i have no idea if it's his toes or his hands. however, at 29 weeks and 3 pounds of baby, my doctor tells me that he still has plenty of space to move around even if his feet are down right now. this is not an indication of a breech baby.

besides being a little more tired, i have found that i must eat smaller portions. my tummy has either an on or off switch–starving or full. this makes eating a little less enjoyable.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - I have that full feeling right now too. But I've had a lot of cookies in addition to some dried-out chicken and coffee. Blech!