Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Most folks know I'm a hardcore scientist and a bit of a skeptic, thus I tend to discount things like psychics, magical thinking, belief in the supernatural and of course, Zodiac astrology beyond pure entertainment. That said, I do believe in others believing in various astro-delusionotainment, and with the Chinese New Year in a couple weeks, I figured to have a look as to what Baby Chaud was in for.

It turns out, 2007 will be the Year of the Pig, but not just any old pig, but the rare Golden Fire Pig. This combination only dials in every 600 years or so.

It is said that children born under this sign will live in comfort as wealth and luck are always near. The Fire Pig is known to have traits of wealth, prosperity, luck and fertility but people in Korea and China have taken this “Golden” prophecy to new levels. Reports indicate that fertility is on the rise – over 10% in Korea and China – sparking the onslaught of everything from websites for “Golden Pig Mothers” to hotels creating special maternity “stay” packages for Fall 2007.

The idea that the baby will live in comfort and wealth appeal to me, since in the formative years Nicole and I seem like the most likely source of said commodities. Of course, most commentary I've seen is ridiculously watered down, suggesting one may be one sign on the outside and another inside, and this, that and the other to the point there's nothing a reading can or can't be interpreted into meaning.

For the record, Nicole and I are both Fire Dragons. I think the fact my sign ended up being the one with the most majesty made it a lot more palatable for me to stomach all the mystical psychobabble. Had I been a Pig or Monkey I likely would have tolerated the whole charade much less.


Anonymous said...

I was born on Friday the 13th. Good day for me.


Anonymous said...

The year of the Chinese golden fire pig started yesterday. There are many Chinese (and potentially others) seeking to "cash in" on this child of good luck year. I understand that China is now in a new born baby overload condition, some aspiring parents miscalculated in trying to have first baby and were too early. This is the year of the greatest luck to children with th eyear of the 'Dragon' (circa 2000) being a distant second choice.

In any case, we all wish your child the best luck and fortune !!, love, dad Robichaud