Wednesday, February 21, 2007

baby time

it has been 26 1/2 weeks. sometimes i am amazed that i have been pregnant since labor day but other times it seems short since only recently did i "feel and look pregnant."

i think i will never really be ready for the day my son arrives. if i waited 'til i felt ready, i may never have chosen to begin my family with patrick. what will it be like to have a baby, a toddler, a a teenager? how will my day look? how will i fit everything into the little amount of free time i have?

this week is an important week for me. our little son has really gained a lot of strength. not only can i feel little kicks throughout the day, but patrick can now feel him. very cool, and creepy too!


Anonymous said...

Wow you are really looking great! I look so forward to your weekly updates, thanks so much for sharing!
Sarah G.

Anonymous said...

(This is Bob) Completely off the subject, but I was talking with my freind the other day and he happened to meet (and hang out with) the former keyboardist from NIN in a cable access shoot. The guy's name is James Woolley. It reminded me of you, Pat.

Peg Dae said...

I'm sure he is going to be a strong baby, just like his Dad.

Your days will be busy and enjoyable. Each stage of raising a child has new joys and challenges. I suggest just enjoying each day and not worrying about the future. I've found that the things you anticipate usually aren't the ones that materialize.

The day he is born, you will be ready and you have Patrick and all of us behind you.

The wood for the crib arrived and is sitting in my living room. It looks like great stock and will make a wonderful crib. I will take some pictures during the construction for you.