Friday, January 19, 2007

Deep Sea Nursery

Squid and other alien-esque inverterbrates are a staple of my fascinations, as I assume will be for my son, and I will saturate his world with such tentacled imagery by default of my own affectations. As a rule of thumb, most squid are thought to be deadbeat parents, rather literally, as the act of sex usually exhausts the post-copulatory creatures. Muscles turn to goo after they've expunged all their energy stores in the act of procreation, and quickly die.

At least one species has been found to be a doting mother.

The Gonatus onyx deep sea squid actually produces a double membrane sac that it funnels all the developing embryos into, and it carries this thing around constantly thousands of miles from its home in the black void of the deeps. The movies, if you care to look, are outstanding. The end result?


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