Tuesday, January 30, 2007

23 weeks

not too much difference visually, but boy do i feel bloated! i think things are moving around, up, down…making it much more difficult to breath. baby chaud is growing bigger and taking over my inside space rapidly.

rosey doesn't seem to mind!


Anonymous said...

You are looking great!

Anonymous said...

What's the due date? I don't think we can make it for the shower but maybe we can come in after he's born (when invited, of course). If you can, try to time the delivery with the end of my spring term.


(Just kidding, of course)

Anonymous said...

Both of your blog up dates indicate your strong love and commitment to this baby. We are pleased that this person will be a major part of all our future lives.

We are enjoying the news up dates which will become a part of this new person's life history.

love, dad Robichaud