Thursday, January 11, 2007

20 weeks 5 days

my belly seems to have appeared quickly between week 16 and now. i am still in the "i love being pregnant" stage of pregnancy. even though it has been 5 months, the reality of this life changing event really didn't hit me until the ultrasound.

baby chaud is active before bed time. the flutters feel a lot like when a body part falls a sleep and wakes up. also, the movements are in same spot…i thought that was weird. but the ultrasound showed his little feet were right where i feel the flutters. these are such tiny movements that you can't feel on the outside until week 24ish.


Anonymous said...

Baby is growing! I bet the happiness will last a long time, but when it gets close, you'll think about holding him in your arms.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole!
Congrats on the upcoming bouncing baby boy! Haven't seen ya in a long time, but I see you're doing well.

PS - Your sister Lisa's friend Julie told me about your baby blog so I had to come check it out.

Take care,

Chris Trevas

nicole said...

hi chris! nice to hear from you. hope all is well with you.