Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Santa Claus by Jack Robichaud, age 3

Happy Presents!
Platypus, Thanksgiving, Lighthouses
a Blue Car & Purple Truck
a spoon table
a picket
light switch
a cannon with a monster
a dinosaur
a head
a bouncy head
picture of claudia
pink piggy
a cup
garbage bags

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Jack on sharing", I'm pleased to witness Jack's personality. After he bakes with his Mom or Grandma, he asked to take 3 muffins home to share with his Mom & Dad or bring cookies to our house, so he share with Grandma & I, such a showing of love and charity. I see this trait is a part of his personality but it is also being postiviely reinforced by his parents. They deserve recognition. He is exhibiting this kind behavior at a very early age. Jack also looks out for Claudia. When he bring over his toys to our house, he makes certain to broing a toy for Claudia. However Jack is no 'push over'. We were at the Henry Ford at Christmas time and another little boy was eyeing a toy training he was using (there were a dozen more toys on the play table). Jack wasn't rude, he just wasn't going to give up this toy when there were others available, good for Jack !.

Looking forward to other kind, charitable life experiences with Jack !, love, grandpa robichaud