Thursday, November 11, 2010

captain jack


Anonymous said...

"Jack's 3 year old Thanksgiving Day" experience, Jack and Patrick (Jack's father) entered the Detroit Thankgiving Day's one mile "Mash Potato" race, this is fun run where it's encouraged to dress in a costume. Patrick was sinisterly "Dark Meat" (face mask, feathers & all !) again and he designed a loveable "Cranberry Kid" costume for Jack which even was lighted ! Previously Jack and I ran together once where he ran non-stop for 800 feet and then started walking. It wasn't obvious he could run a full mile. On race day we saw them off at 7 am starting line and then we returned to see their progress at about 3/4 of mile. We could see jack a long way off in the early morning darkness with his "runnning lights" (no pun intended !) As he approached us we started cheering him on, Patrick called us to his attention. He looked over, shot a us a quick wave be with an obvious concentration on his "race line", he wasn't going to stop to chat with his fans, it was an intriguing insight into his emerging personality. He was very pleased with his "turkey" trophy !
We planned to have dinner at Scott's house which was conveniently located near the race. Before the dinner I offered a festive toast of appreciate for dear family members who helped prepare the dinner. I asked Jack to raise his milk glass for the toast. After the toast we clinked glasses (we had champagne)and only Jack surprisingly said "Cheers !". No one knew he had this awareness of toast protocols, a very delightful, memorable moment. We are anxiously looking forward to those future moments with Jack & Claudia, love, grandpa robichaud

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