Sunday, April 18, 2010

jack, mommy & baby sister


TheEnchantedLocket said...

What a gorgeous photo!! Congrats on the upcoming new addition.


Anonymous said...

At times when I fly for business, I ask if Jack can see me off or be there to pick me up, instead of me driving myself. I enjoy his company and he trealyy is quite good at spoting airplanes (Airplane !!, grandpa!!). My last trip to Mexico was a challenging one with much traveling (5 nights, 5 different hotels !!, we saved on travel expense by visiting 2 suppliers on same trip. Jack was along to pick me up but he missed his nap so he was fast asleep, strapped inhis car seat. As usual I got in the back seat with him, sad he was sleeping. I was talking to Peg who was driving. I felt something touching my arm. Jack had a awoke and even though his movements were restricted, he was touching my arm with a huge winning smile !!, glad to see me. Sooo... after getting up at 4 am and 8 hours of traveling, I had an enjoyable reunion with Jack !, love, grandpa robichaud