Monday, August 17, 2009

funny boy

i pulled out my cookbook tonight. jack wanted to go and get a book too. he came back to me with the binder from our home inspection. he started to pretend to read the text and count. he quickly grabbed the #10 envelope from the back and was referencing the clock and the number 5. he then would walk to the wall where we track his height and say five and some other gibberish...i think we have a genius on our hands.

lately jack has been creating new sentences everyday. he knows his colors, can count to ten and like to be really loud. he is always asking me to "watch" or "look". he amazes me and i am so lucky to be a mom to the best son ever,

cheers to a week vacation with my baby jack!


Anonymous said...

"Pool Time Continues" - Grandma & I took Jack to the kiddie pool in our subdivision. We like to go often since we know that it will close on Labor Day. Jack "helps" me open the 2 gates, one you pull up the other you push down. I like to let him do as much as possible to control his surrounding as much as possible.

Jack likes to look under the cover over the pool strainer. There is a changing scenario of things trapped there, usually dead bugs, and leafs since this is overflow scupper for the top of the pool. Yesterday we took the cover off and there was just swirling water. Jack was intriqued and turned to me and said "Touch ?" I was soooo impressed that he knew there was some potential risks and permission was required, such an aware and situation engaged child ! Of course his action had to be rewarded and we both swished our hands in the miniature whirlpool. Labor Day (last pool open day) is quickly approaching so I'm curious to know what we'll find in the few remaining pool days, these have been joyous adventures for both of us, warmest regards and love, grandpa robichaud

Peg Dae said...

Grandma was, of course, at the pool, too. She was toting the sunblock, pool toys, and towels.

Peg Dae said...
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