Monday, April 13, 2009

spring time

jack tries to say every word we ask of him and he is actually pretty good at it. i can't believe how quickly he's picked up words in the last month. he is keeping busy with great interest in trains, airplanes, bubbles and puppets.


Peg Dae said...

Jack also talks a lot even when an adult isn't asking him. He knows so many words now, he is pretty communicative with his needs. My favorite words he says are: "Again!" and "Puppet!"

Anonymous said...

Jack and I like to play a game called "Mine !". We each say we want a specific item and say "mine !". Sometimes it's a toy or at the Festival of Fools, it was a paper voucher. You can see this interplay in the video (a.k.a. "Puppet" video).

Last Monday we picked a 'Lite Tikes' baby figure. The exchange usually grows with intensity but with joy at keeping the items from the other player. At one point Jack cried out "Myyy Babyyy !!" which had a Southern drawl delivery. Nicole walked in at that moment and was surprised at his voice. We all had a great laugh. Peg and I are still laughing at Jack's delightful outburst, with love, grandpa robichaud