Sunday, April 12, 2009


The Pink Panic storms Ann Arbor

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Anonymous said...

"Peaceful time with Jack", I usually arrive home from work when Jack is waking from his nap. I lower the crib gate and extend my hands to pick him up. He typically is happy and wants to be picked up. I lower him down to turn off the baby monitor where he likes to see the light slowly diminsh. As we walk down the stairs I hold him up to touch the ceiling, he enjoys being to reach something so high in his world.

I take one of his crib blankets to keep him warm and we cuddle in the chair. Many times he will nap further but other times he lies with his eyes open. It is a peaceful and tender moment for both of us.

After about 10 minutes he stirs and looks around. He will then slide down to the floor to begin the next new adventure.

We all know these are fleeting, precious experiences but we enjoy them in the present time, love, Grandpa Robichaud