Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fun Generator

Lots of generators!

The boy has manufacturing in blood.

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Anonymous said...

Jack loves "choo choos !!" We never tire of pulling the 3 piece train ('a little tikes' steam locomotive, circus animal car & caboose) in a circle,some times Jack pushes his car in pursuit of the train. Grandma palys "train" with on th ecomputer. Last Monday Grandma showed him a video of a family outing we had to the Lionel visitors' train display. Patrick was 17 and Scott was 15. We have a Lionel 'Circus Train" which we used to set up each Christmas, great memories. As soon as Grandma put the video in, Jack said "choo choo !!", he's sooo aware of his surroundings. Uncle Scott helped him climb up on th ecouch so he could watch the adventure cuddled next to Grandma. He didn't mind the goofying by Scott and Patrick, Scott lip synced the train whistle, etc. Jack said "fish !" was soon as he saw the action 'Aquarium Car". A great connection with the past with a common interest and fun with toy trains.
Looking forward to the next fun filled play experience with Jack !, love, Grandpa Robichaud