Sunday, March 15, 2009

Corktown Races Sing This Song

Jack got carded.


Lunch at Le Petit Zinc!



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Anonymous said...

On Good Friday (April 10, 2009) I spent the day with Jack, he is becoming very good with new words and pronunciation. He is willing to try any new word. He is also very inquistive and continuing to explore his new world. Jack took the magneted attached, plastic air deflector off the nook's heater reqister where he was just out of my sight. I said in elevated voice "Who took it off ?" Jack responded in a clear, self-actualizing, confident voice "I did it !!". He surprised me with his complete sentence. He didn't understand that he had done something not aceptable but was quite pleased with his accomplishment. We all enjoyed this comical experience and look forward to many more, love and warm regards, Grandpa Robichaud