Sunday, January 4, 2009

vacation is over

the last 2 weeks i have been off work and taking care of jack. most of the time has been great ( a few difficult times). it's not clear to me if jack changed a lot during this time or if i just got to observe a lot. (it's been the most consecutive time with him since my maternity leave.) these last 2 weeks he pretty much tries to mimic everything. one night he was playing with my garlic press as if he was james bond wielding a pistol. at first i was alarmed that he was using it like a weapon but patrick reminded me that boys with do that with everything and there is no secret desire to do harm. he also learned the word 'no' a lot. our neighborhood had a progressive dinner party and jack was the only child there. he did an amazing job for a 19-month old. he is quiet the charmer!

we all have been playing a lot with his new train set. jack can play with that for almost 45 minutes at a time. when he's not doing that, he's calling for abby. "abby, abby, abby"


Melissa Henderson said...

He is adorable and I couldn't believe he was so good at the progressive dinner!!

Peg Dae said...

Jack calls the dogs across the street from me abby. So I think it might be kind of "dog" in his mind.

I haven't heard "no" a lot, but he is saying "mine" a lot.

He is such a sweet boy. We just love him.

Anonymous said...

This is called generalization. He associates a four-legged hairy animal with the name "Abby" so all four-legged hairy animals must be Abby. He'll soon realize that they can be subdivided into categories, like "Abby" and "All dogs beside Abby" ;-)

Anonymous said...

After Christmas Experience" - Jack & I were playing with his new Christmas gift toys. He got a 4 wheel cycle. He got on and I would push him about 3 feet and then pull he back. When he got to the end of the forward ride, he would raise his arm and say "Hi!" to his Mom who was sitting just 5 feet from him. I repeated this about 6 times and he would do every time. I was simple play experience but it was enjoyable for all of us and a great memory, love, grandpa Robichaud