Wednesday, September 24, 2008

officially walking

jack's attitude changed this weekend. he now has the confidence to walk on his own and run. he likes to hide around the corner and laugh when i find him. he is the best!!


Anonymous said...

He was doing pretty good last time I saw him, but he really is "on his own" now.

I miss him while I'm in California and look forward to seeing him again. I saw a couple of little ones on the boat today on Lake Tahoe and I got out Jack's picture.

Anonymous said...

You're going to have to change the name of the blog pretty soon to, "The Toddler Chaud"

Anonymous said...

Jack loves to go outside as I indicated before, so I try to take him out as much as the weather permits. This last time I decided to do the weeding of the ground cover in the flower beds (have I told you my weeding story when I was helping out my uncle Bob before I went to my first engineering job ?....) anyhow I knelt down to hand weed and kept indexing doen the sidewalk. Jack was just pulling out the ground cover, he doesn't know the difference. Without realizing it after 2 moves, Jack was concurrently moving close to me within my arms as I knelt. He needed reassurance for security. It was a great experience for both of us and we both felt comfort & peace, love,grandpa robichaud