Monday, September 22, 2008

cider mill in the summer

we managed to get a visit in to the plymouth orchards before fall officially began. this leaves ample time to visit often during the coming months. the weather was great and gracie and jack enjoyed the wagon ride, sans hay! jack enjoyed the cinnamon donut very much too.

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Anonymous said...

Jack always wants to go outside. He loves to play in the dirt. He will scratch the earth with a stick, stone or piece of dirt. He seems to like this better than most of his toys. When I'm with him I try to take him out now while the Fall weather is nice. It will soon be too cold for playing in the dirt. We also used the club house's swimming pool as much as possible. Wed did "motor boat" ( a swirling ride in the water by grandpa) which was great fun for both of us !!, love and warm regards, grandpa robichaud