Monday, September 17, 2007

Time is a Lion

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Jack visited the cider mill for the first time. He seems to be taking a greater interest in the foods Mom and Dad are eating. I can't wait to feed him avocados.

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Jack and Mom were present to cheer me on at the Detroit Zoo Charity 10k. I finished a respectable 180th in a field of 2200, 49:54.

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We later got a nice early entry into the zoo, and many of the animals were quite active, especially the hominids (not the monkeys).

At his four month checkup Jack is now 14lbs, 9oz and 25.75 inches, placing him in the 60th and 75th percentiles for his age respectively for weight and height. Doc says he looks like a million bucks and was dazzled how he has gained so much weight on breast milk alone. Two more months and we'll be transitioning to the spoon!

So Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Pat on finishing in the top 8% of the race. That is quite an accomplishment.

Jack does look like a million bucks. Nicole is doing such a nice job with all the pumping when she can't be with Jack. She deserves congratulations, too!

You will have fun introducing Jack to new foods. Next year, cider and doughnuts!

Scott Robichaud said...

real strong man. very respectable.