Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jack is quite the character these days.

An emergent personality is now quite front and center. Jack wakes up from a full night's sleep with a rather charming disposition, sleeps in the truck on the way to Grandma's or daycare, and seems curious about many things, especially dinner, outdoors and the computer. He's been testing his voice out in non-screaming modes. I'm just waiting for one of his giant silent laughs to become a world-shaking chirp.

Life has good meaning. I always try to ask myself that each night. Recently it's never an issue.

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Anonymous said...

I find Jack's growing awareness of his new world amazing. I particularly enjoy the smile when he sees a familiar, loving person. The coooos are great too, coupled with the knowling smile.
The Labor Day picture 'blue on blue' was wonderful for a very loveable, cool looking Jack.
I'm patiently looking forward to his growing awarenesses and connections, love, grandpa Robichaud