Monday, May 21, 2007

feeding challenges

i never realized what an art breastfeeding can be. jack and i are trying to figure it out. we have good ones and bad ones. all involve screaming and sometimes they begin with us both crying. we'll get the hang of it soon.

he is so precious and i am so lucky to have a boy like baby jack.

rosey has become a big helper. she follows us everywhere and is very patient. i am so proud of her.


janelle said...

How adorable! I'm having withdrawl from seeing Jack since I didn't see him this weekend. Gracie adores him but, I still think her favorite is Abby :-) She talks about her all the time.

Anonymous said...

You look so good with him in your arms. He is such a sweet baby. I'm glad that Rosie is such a good helper.

Anonymous said...

Nicole and Patrick, we certainly understand and value your 100 % commitment and love for Jack. He is totally dependent upon you however we see all his needs, physical and emotional are being provided.

love, Grandpa Robichaud