Thursday, April 12, 2007

making room for baby

my body is finding more room for baby chaud. these last two days, i have been sick with a cold. it takes a lot more for it to recover from illness than it used to. during the last 8 months, i have been sick 3 times. that is 3 times more than i usually am. here i am at 33 weeks 5 days. how can i complain? only a few nights have i had to made the journey to the bathroom downstairs. either my bladder is pretty strong or my will to ignore it is. my doctor said this week that our baby will not be a big baby, a mere 8 pounds. i said, "that is a big baby." i guess not compared to the 10 pounder she just delivered. my birth weight was somewhere around 5.5 pounds and a baby's weight is closer to the mother's birth weight.


Anonymous said...

Baby Chaud will be a perfect size. I hope you are feeling better.

janelle said...

I was fortunate Gracie was only 6lbs, 1 0z and 19 inches long.
I highly doubt he will be 8 lbs more like 7.