Saturday, April 28, 2007

final preparations

i have convinced myself that i can work up to the due date. there is a lot i need to still see to at work, however things at home seem to be almost ready. mom brought over the bassinet today–it's very pretty. mom refurnished it for gracie by painting it and making a beautiful eyelet laced skirt. for our baby boy, she decorated it with a big blue & green bow. mom also made a diaper holder with handmade trim that matches the crib bumper & skirt. this week, i also began washing clothes and preparing the diaper bag. one can't be certain when babychaud will arrive. in the midst of the baby activity, i bought rosey a new kong and abby a new tennis ball. both are very happy with the new toys and each other.


janelle said...

The "kids" seemed to be thrilled for the upcoming arrival. LOL :)

nicole said...

i think they will love the little one, eventually!