Sunday, March 20, 2011


i am so happy today is the first day of spring. it was a long winter!

a couple days ago we went to grand rapids to see the butterflies! it's great to be in the tropical greenhouse while it's still cold. early that morning jack didn't want to see butterflies. he wanted to stay home and play blocks. i was a little worried that we would have a rough ride there. after chocolate milk in the car, jack was ready to see some butterflies. when we got there, jack watched a butterfly emerge from it's chrysalis. he really showed a lot of interest in what was happening. jack and claudia both really liked looking at all the plants and seeing the morph butterfly. it's a big, beautiful blue butterfly, the size of my palm.

claudia can climb stairs. she babbles a lot and is doing quite well with food. currently her game is to crawl really fast to the dog bowls and dip her hand in the water (if we don't get there in time). she likes to giggle with jack and be tickled by daddy. she has great empathy and cries when jack does too!

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Anonymous said...

"The Great Train Heist" episode. Jack truly loves his sister, Claudia, an dshe shows true affection for him. Jack is a very sharing person with his favorite foods, time and toys. However there is one exception "The Choo Choo Train !". This is an old Fisher Price "Circus Train #991" from Patrick's and Scott's childhood play time. It is a 3 piece set, unmotorized coal fired style engine w/whistle, circus animal car and caboose with a 2 foot long plastic pull string. It was solidly made in the good ole USA in East Aurora, NY versus now everything else from China. Grandma lovingly cleaned it up since it had so much more playtime available. Jack has pushed this train for miles on his knees making train noises, even loads "Thomas, Salty & Percy trains", animals, etc. in it for rides. He had it all to himself until Claudiaa started crawling, she likes it too, even more so with Jack's fascination with it ! Jack will tease her by bring it close to her but then speed away, leaving her behind. Yesterday, 2011Good Friday, I was playing with Claudia while Jack watched his favorite show "Sesame Street", he becomes mesmerized with this TV show.
I was playing & safeguarding Claudia as she made the early morning rounds. She crawled up to the Rubbermaid toy box & stood up and saw the buried train, she had her back to Jack who was stting on the couch. She cast a quick glance over her should, saw Jack lost in the show. She quickly took the pull string into her mouth and ravishly enjoyed this elusive toy for 5 non-stop minutes (which Jack will never know until he can read this episode) with a huge grin on her face before she tired of the "train heist" experience. It was throughly enjoyable "ahh relationship moment" for me which I soon shared with Grandma. Next time Jack is sleeping here, Grandma or I will make sure Claudia has some private train playtime !
We hope the train will continue to be passed down for future generations to enjoy !, love ,grandpa robichaud