Monday, January 24, 2011

she's eating!

claudia has figured out that food isn't all that bad. she ate a good portion of her peas. while discovering her own knees can help her get around she is more interested in consuming calories.


Anonymous said...

Claudia is very active and loves to explore by crawling around. When you call her attention, she will usually give you big smile which is delightful.

Jack, Grandpa & "Caillou" episode. I'll have to describe Caillou becuase this PBS TV show will probably be long gone when most of you are reading this post. Caillou is a cartoon story about a 4 year old boy. Additionally, there is an interactive web site which Jack & I enjoy. There interactive episodes of playing in the house, making a train layout, cooking in the kitchen, growing a garden etc. very creative experiences ! There is one episode Jack & I liked about "going to the circus". We had played this a number of times but then we lost the link from the Caillou web site, we were both frustrated. One day Grandma was busy busy with Claudia so Jack was on his own with the PC. When I was homebound that same day to play with my wonderful grandchildren, I called and grandma had me on the speaker phone. Jack was in the background and saying he found the Caillou circus. When I got home he showed me. The connection was "hidden" behind the "cooking flower" in the kitchen, he found it by trial & error. I told him how proud I was of his discovery. Now, we are back playing the Caillou circus with much enjoyment, love, grandpa robichaud

Anonymous said...

"Playing ball with Claudia and Jack" episode. Claudia is 8 1/2 months and Jack is 3 years & 11 months so it's a challenge to find ways to play with both of them. Claudia tries to reach Jack's choo-choo train when he's crawling with it but he's too fast !

Jack and I like to play catch with a beach ball where his hand-eye coordiantion is great. I decided to hold Claudia in front of me and throw the ball to Jack, all of us in a sitting pose. When I would catch the ball, Claudia was very pleased and would try to bite the ball. Jack didn't throw too hard. We must have thrown it back & forth 20 times before we decided to do something else, great memories for all! and until the next game of catch, love, grandpa robichaud