Monday, August 2, 2010

5 weeks

claudia is 5 weeks old and doing very well. the last few days she has slept 5-7 hours which is so amazing for a breast fed baby. she is getting so big, almost 12 pounds. she smiles at big brother jack when he tickles her toes. she loves to be held and i love to hold her. her little eye lashes are growing and she has a little fountain of hair on top. i have an amazing family!

jack is on his way to underpants. he used the "man" potty all weekend while we were at Maker Faire. the man potty is the urinal inside the port-a-potty. i am so proud of jack. he has the most wonderful personality. he's wild, he's empathetic. fun, loving, smart and creative. while at the museum he created a story about a rocket ship while we hid out in the photo both as daddy was packing up the puppets!

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Anonymous said...

We are enjoying Claudia too !, she's seems so content. We took Jack to the sub-division pool on Friday for a first time "Water Wings" episode. He doesn't have a fear of the water which is great ! He's not water safe yet. I took life guard training when I was 21 years old (my knowledge is still good, I was the only adult in this Red Cross class !), so I watch him al the time, he jumps rights in thinking he can swim in the deep water.

Grandma & I put his water wings on him, it's a balance between too little air (I know !, the family lore is I have a surplus of hot air when I'm talking about my Ford work) to float a 3 year but too much to prevent them from going on (sun protection oil helps!).

Jack says he's swimming when "bicycles" his legs, he does move forward a little byt he's vertical in the water. We had great fun with Jack having him go back & forth between Grandma & I, he pleased showing his skills.

The summer pool is almost over but aybe we'll go to theinside pool soon !, great memories for all !, warm wishes & love, grandpa robichaud