Monday, July 5, 2010

family fun

the past 12 days summed up with this shot!


jdanel said...

wow! looks like our house about 5 months ago! Congratulations Nicole and Pat!

Anonymous said...

'Family Fun" is a great picture ! a true picture of family values and loving commitment.
I got home a little latter from work today with limited time to visit with Jack. He has preferences so I like him to share in the decision. I asked him if he would lie to go to the pool ? He said with a degree of seriousness "I was thinking about that !" like he was planning his day, what a delightful, humorous response ! We went, he insisted on the adult pool even though we didn't have his 'wings' for floatation. He seemed fearless, even though I can tell he's not water safe yet, so I watched him closely, he thought he could swim in the deep water. In the shallow pool he surprised us by holding his breath and submerging. It didn't scare him, so he is developing a small amount of capability.
All-in-all a great experience for all of us, love, grandpa robichaud