Sunday, June 6, 2010

home stretch

yesterday was full of activity for us. we had a nice walk around belleville in the morning. we stopped for awhile and watched the baby ducks at the lake and someone water skiing. jack was very excited to see the activity on the lake. from there we walked back to the park where none of jack's friend's were playing–so we didn't stay long. when we got back home we did a lot of yard work because it's not going to be easy doing that with a newborn (much easier pregnant). for our evening out, patrick and i walked around royal oak quite a bit. i really appreciate that city every time i visit. it's very different than ann arbor in lots of ways. it's nice to find a pastry shop open til 1AM!

even after all that activity, no baby yet. maybe this little girl will stay inside for awhile longer than jack! jack was born at 38 weeks 2 days.

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Anonymous said...

"Jack, summer & water" episode. With the warmer than normal temepratures, we decided to set up the 'fountain' lawn sprinkler and run through it in our bathing suits. Jack thought this was great fun, we would get into a ready stance and say "ready, set go !" We would use our "Buzz Lightyear" pose for best speed. Later we held hands and ran through together. Who would have thought at 62 years old, I would be running through a sprinkler with my 3 year old grandson, what fun and great memories ! Jack wanted the fountain "biggggeeer !" (as he says in his deep, bass voice) so it was over my head too ! love, grandpa robichaud