Wednesday, February 24, 2010

23 weeks

i am feeling pretty good this week. even though i felt little tickles a month ago, it is now that i am able to feel the jabs of our baby girl. in a few weeks jack and patrick will be able to feel it too! this last week i got my first cold. during the last pregnancy i got sick A LOT. so i guess i can't complain too much about a week long cold. i am trying to take care of myself with xtra sleep, lots of water and intervals on the treadmill.

things that i've been craving: fruit, salad and of course pastry!

jack told all the kids at school that his baby sister is coming. it is going to be a magical day when the two meet and a day i won't forget like the day i met jack.

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Anonymous said...

"Awareness of Matching" about 2 weeks ago we babysat for Jack. He had just got this large piece jigsaw puzzle of a firetruck which is 4 feet long. Jack likes firetrucks and so do I. My plan to complete any puzzle is to start with the pieces on the borders with are straight cuts and of course with the picture on the box. This puzzle showed a sidewalk and fire hydrant. However these weren't in the actual puzzle. I said "there's no sidewalk !" which Jack continued to say, so cute. We persevered and completed the puzzle, the tires are also a good place to start.

About a week ago, Jack and I were putting on our shoes to go out. He noticed there was orange in my running shoes' sole (I had never noticed this before). He said "we match", his velcro shoes had orange fabric in the upper part. It's great to be matched with Jack !

love, grandpa robichaud