Friday, January 22, 2010

baby girl

it's official, in june we will be a family with a new little girl. the ultrasound today revealed that our little girl is free of abnormalities, has a healthy heart and weighs about 1/2 pound. she moved around a lot and we got see a lot of her. at one point she was clenching and unclenching her fist. amazing!


Anonymous said...

Grandma and I missed Jack very much while we were on our 23 day South Pacific vacation. I plan to spend some play time with Jack on the first babysitting day. To my surprise I found Uncle Scott was over so his nap time was delayed. I knew he still needed a nap (his parents woulod suffer that night if he was overtired)so I promised him a "speed bump ride" after his nap. As I carried him up to bed he mildly protested with a mock cry. I decided to lay down with him to encourage him to sleep (it wasn't hard for me because I was still experiences 6 hours of jet lag). First I sang to him, "Rock-a-by-baby", didn't seem to work. Next I tried "5 Little Piggies" on foot. He quickly presented the other one after that the precocious boy now showed me both of hands. This boy knows how to delay a request. I have seen his parents use a very effective technique, "Show me one finger", so I tried this. He complied and we were both asleep in 3 minutes. In his sleep, Jack was touching my face so I woke up and left him alone.

When he woke him up 2 hours later he was rested and I gave him the "speed bump ride", everyone was happy, love grandpa robichaud

nicole said...

nice note grandpa