Monday, December 21, 2009

first santa visit


Peg Dae said...

I can just see Jack ready to ask Santa for a baby sister or brother. It was fun to be there the first time Jack saw Santa. He had six of his favorite people right behind him.

okranger said...

During the Christmas time I had the opportunity to spend more time with Jack, it was wonderful. We did our seasonal Christmas preaprations including setting up & trimming the "small Christmas tree", Jack joined in for the first time.

Peg was putting on the tree lights and had a minor mishap. She exclaimed "Ooh Dan !!" (honest!, this was the expletive). Jack picks up on the changes in conversation exchanges. I'm not sure he knows most of the people in his personal world have 2 names. In any case he has a great developing sense of humor, he kept repeating this much to our delight. Later, I started saying "Ooh Jack !" and of course his response is "Ooh Dan". Now, when there's a lull in the conversation either he will start it or I will start it up, much to our shared enjoyment. It's nice to connect on a humorous level with Jack.

love, grandpa