Monday, June 1, 2009

terrible twos aren't so terrible

sometimes in the moment, the tantrums can make me sad, but i dig deep for patience and enjoy every moment of jack. each moment that passes will only remain a memory. jack can say sentences now and can understand so much more than 2 months ago. he is trying out what he can get away with and i am learning to let out more rope.

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Anonymous said...

This past Monday,I arranged my workday so I could spend time with Jack in the morning. At 7 am I could hear caterpillar track sounds but couldn't see the bulldozer. Later when Jack heard the 'beep !, beep !, beep!, he was concerned about this new, unseen source of the sound.

We walked over towards the sound and found a contractor was removing the school's parking lot asphalt. The demolition activity was all amazing and terifying at the same time. The heavy construction equipment had powerful sounds, a huge presence and "beeps !". I held Jack to console him but also to give him a better view.

At one point a massive front loader (like the toy one Scott & Rebecca gave him for his 2nd yaer old birtday) was preparing for another scoup full and dropped the scoup. This 1 ton scoup made a thunderous sound when it hit the ground. Jack jumped and grabbed me even though he saw the whole even occur. It was quite an eyeful for a young boy but I must admit I was always fascinated by heavy equipment, drew me into an engineering career. I had my first bulldozer ride at the age of 6. As we returned Jack keep wanted to go back to watch more but it was time to go home. So Jack and I both look forward to the next adventure, love, grandpa robichaud